How to two tone your car on zmodeler 3 for gta v

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How to two tone your car on zmodeler 3 for gta v

Postby moedrama » Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:57 am

i am trying to two tone my car on zmodeler 3. i am trying to make the roof and side panels the same color. i new new on useing zmodeler 3 and on pc. if i can get some help i would appreciate it thank you.
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Re: How to two tone your car on zmodeler 3 for gta v

Postby Oleg » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:32 am


not sure what exactly do you mean, so
case 1: if parts you mention use the same material/paint but different appearance in game, they are probably affected by pre-computed shading (Ambient occlusion) which is stored per-vertex as red component of per-vertex color. you can paint red per-vertex color component manually via Surface\Paint (expand options, set "Primary, Red")\ Color tool. you can use "Pick color" to read desired per-vertex color from some original part; then use "Fill selected" to send this per-vertex color onto problematic objects (select vertices on problematic object first).

case 2: you need two parts to have different color/paint in game. You should create a copy of material used on original part (something like "vehicle_main_texture [PAINT:1]" in material name; rename copied material to be something like "anything_you_like [PAINT:2]" and assign a copied version of material onto polygons that need a second color (select polygons, properties->mesh->polygons->material).
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