Custom wheel chrome-coloured issue

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Custom wheel chrome-coloured issue

Postby V.T. » Fri May 26, 2017 10:41 pm

I have a Coquette from IVPack, and I'd like to install new colourable wheels for it. However, no matter what wheel I choose from tuning parts, I end up with a chrome-coloured wheel. The particular wheel is painted green for easy visualisation.

The stock wheel:

The same wheel as a tuning part:

The problem seems independent on wheel model used, since it happens to both vanilla LSC wheels and lore-friendly modded ones.
The badge uses a custom material with 'vehicle_tire' shader. I haven't checked whether removing the badge would remove the chrome look. No further changes were made to the imported wheel except rescaling to fit.
Also, the car appears to have high quality mirror reflections, if that may be relevant to the problem.

How do I fix that?
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