Export ped props (Helmets)

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Export ped props (Helmets)

Postby MAESTRE3D » Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:49 pm

I have a problem with it, i know how to port peds and weapons but i can't get ped's props working, more specific, helmets.
In my first attemps, the file was 1kb, then i got it working on openIV but ingame it's invisible.
I tried slice to parts or as a normal ped, but without any results.

It's an MP_Freemode model, so it's streamed, i know how to port streamed peds (importing 1st the yft file and rename it as .global and the drag every mesh there), so i don't think that's a problem.
And to finish, i used the configuration of a vanilla's helmet.
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