( PED ) Full of clothes to add

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( PED ) Full of clothes to add

Postby plutonmania » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:30 am

Hello everyone, I would like to add full full of clothes to my characters.
I use the base of "ig_bankman".
I'd like to either create a character like "Vito" in add on ped (mode: [b]stream
), or if it's simpler aisles is just easier to add extra clothes.

Basic view of my characters : Image ( Mode : normal "add on ped")

I try the 2 methods but I miss key points.
Should I separate each part of the body and save it in ydd "auto ?"

Here is how "vito" (Mode: Stream ) is constituted, when I open with .yft first and then "I import all .ydd.

And when I import that for example "head.ydd" here is how it appears.

Image Offset, but it is connected to the bones.

Here are some explanations of what I have, done, seen is would like to understand.

When I try method 1: import new clothes ".ydd" related to the skeletons and object with their associated name. (Example accs 001, uppr 001 ..., teef001 ..., ..).
And I rebuild in add on ped in "normal" mode my character appears (except hands (but surment a problem on my part) I try with my trainer then to change its "uppr000" to "uppr001". I do not have the possibility to change, yet in my OPENIV I see it well.


Then I tried method 2: which was to separate each object (head, uppr, teef ...) in object alone ".ydd". And each texture in a folder on OpenIV

But I do not know if I record badly (auto; all: higlest; skeleton ..) or if the method is not good.

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