License installation and validation. Verification: Failed.

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License installation and validation. Verification: Failed.

Postby alexxtrosper » Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:16 pm

Trying to validate license online but nothing will happen when i press shift.

Re: License installation, validation. Verification: Failed.

Postby Oleg » Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:13 am

here's an ultimate license installation guide:

First of all, ensure ZModeler can reach updates server and report "no
updates available" or "updates are ready for download" (spinning icon
in the bottom of ZM window should stop spinning). Let ZModeler install
updates. If you keep getting "updates are available" flashing icon each
time you start ZModeler, then the problem is in ZModeler failing to update
its files.

The steps to fix this are:
1. (optionally) move ZModeler folder into C:\Program Files\ (the
folder Program Files (x86) is for 32-bit applications, while your copy
of ZM is 64-bit).

2. right-click on ZModeler folder, pick Properties, untick
"Read-only", press OK and specify "To all files and folders in this
fodler" and press Ok again.

3. Ensure you have "ZModeler.AutoPatch" file in ZModeler folder. If
you don't, unpack it from package again. Ensure you
have "Updates" folder (empty) in ZModeler folder;

4. Ensure no other zmodeler3.exe process is running in background,
press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manger, switch to "Processes" page
and scroll it down. Terminate zmodeler3.exe process if you find any in
a list (right-click, shutdown process).

5. right-click on ZModeler3.exe and pick "Troubleshooting" or
"Compatibility wizard" (can't remember exact name). Start
Compatibility wizard and specify "run compatibility test/options"
(can't remember exact name, its a second choice among two suggested);
pick a choice "this application was working on older versions of
windows", then "windows 7", then "Test application" -> ZModeler will
run. Close it, press "Next" and pick "Save compatibility settings".

6. Now you should start ZModeler and let it download updates, when you
restart ZModeler, it should not report any new updates available.

License installation (common for all scenarios) follows:
7. Remove both CodeLib files(s) from "Shared" folder of ZModeler,
start ZModeler and let it download/install updates again.

8. Log in to your web account, pick your platform on My computers page
and assign new password (e.g. 123456), press Submit;

9. Start ZModeler, open Account Setup window, specify your account
name and platform password (123456), press Ok and close ZModeler.

10. Start ZModeler, open License Information window and wait 3-5
seconds. ZModeler should start downloading license key and perform
validation. Once it propmts for restart, close ZModeler. At this point
you should have two "CodeLib" files in "Shared" folder. If you do,
license was installed properly.

When I do a TeamViewer sessons to assist on license installation, I do
steps above and it works in 90% cases. Remaining 10% cases is a wrong
platform ID specified in web account.
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