My prefab adventure !

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My prefab adventure !

Postby Kirrou » Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:23 am

Hi everyone,

I created this topic to speak about problems which I meet with the manipulation of the software. As I am new in the prefab editing, I have quite a lot of question.
I hope you will know how to help me
I imported a prefab model and followed the indications of the tutoriel ( viewtopic.php?f=23&t=6487 ).
But, when I creat a new border line to remplace an old, I don't know how to define the variables which are in the menu "Compound".
I whatched the explanation video ( ), but I don't understand how it works.


Thanks for your help.
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Re: My prefab adventure !

Postby Oleg » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:17 am


The border spline can be a compound entry, but this is not a must. Compound are used to create a border for variative side terrain connection. for example, one variant requires sidewalk, another has just curbs and no sidewalk and like this.

By default, following the prefab creation guide, you need to create a border spline starting from end AI lanes going out of terrain (EU road style), followed by start points of AI lanes coming onto prefab and following with points defining the border for terrain connection. This is still OK to do border this way unless you need variations of "points defining the border for terrain connection". Here compounds come in act.

You can view a guide on how to create a compound and assign variants for prefab in this video:

The only difference, is you need a "Default" variant, the variant of compound state not associated with any state/structure button. How to assign this default variant? you create an object (spline in your case) for default variant, toggle off all state/structure buttons and press "Convert to compound", this spline will be a "Default" slot of compound with no state associated with it; then you assign splines for different variants (consider using the same spline for variants that have identical terrain border, you are allowed to press several state/variant buttons at a time).

What "Default" and variant/state entries on border should look like? The "default" state is a chop of border spline that is linked to AI lanes (outgoing and incoming) and nothing more, just AI lanes connection (if no lanes connection, create a dummy node instead). Entries for variants will be another chop of border spline, but this time it will be a tail with terrain border points with no connection to AI lanes needed.

You can explore original border spline entries by dismissing it (using "Dismiss") button.
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