ATS Interior Issue. I need help fixing it.

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ATS Interior Issue. I need help fixing it.

Postby Knightr1701 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:04 am

In Zmodeler3 ATS 1.6 when I open the original model the paint in the hood is perfect. When I change it to a painted model the paint on the hood is show the paint from the back of the cab instead of what is on the hood. Is there a way to change in the interior paint rotate 180 degree's? Example of pictures are at this website. Could someone help me get that image right for the interior hood. I know it has to do with the dash parts that are being painted. Thanks.
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Re: ATS Interior Issue. I need help fixing it.

Postby Oleg » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:50 am

First of all you should determine purpose and layout on each UV channel of original model. Not quite sure on whether interior's hood being identical to exterior hood, but I guess they can reuse the same geometry object and material setup. In any case, check both associated objects: on exterior and on interior.

Use Edit UV tool on an object with different UV channel index in options window;
Then change "Use UV mapping" on DETAIL2 texture slot of associated material starting from "Manual UV#1" to "Manual UV#4".

In most of cases, UV#1 is texture AO with details; UV#2 is used for standard template layout, UV#3 is used for alternative templates and UV#4 is used for normal map texture layout. However, game allows this default channels order to be suppressed and mixed in any fashion (e.g. UV#1 for BUMPMAP and UV#3,4 for paint templates). Once you determine UV channels meaning, set up material's texture slots properly, so exporter will configure geometry file properly on export. This is essential for BUMPMAP slot.

DETAIL2 texture slot should have Manual UV#3 set there if you use any of alternative UV-layout templates on a model. It might get loaded with Manual UV#2 natively, but you are free to change it to Manual UV#3 to force exporter produce correct material on export.

Finally, it might be a good idea to sort UV channels using "Edit UV" -> "Copy From" to make channels utilize default order. I remind W900 exterior model using quite strange channels order.
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