How to add lights to new frontgrill?

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How to add lights to new frontgrill?

Postby render1967 » Fri Oct 07, 2016 9:36 am

Hi to all ETS2 fans! :)
I found a mod for Scania R700 in the net!U0VzzZRZ

and I make a frontgrill for this Scania R700 (modified from one of the game original lower grille)!wkMCUZ4I


Now I want to add lights to this frontgrill (I tried to add 5 slots above and 4 slots below) and make mod, but I don't know how to do this. :(
Help me, please!!! Explane me step by step how to do it or just do this instead of me if you want. Please!!
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a .sii file needed

Postby Koutsu » Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:20 am

You have to prepare 3 files.
.pmd .pmg and .sii files.

.pmd and .pmg is model files. It can create easily from Zmodeler 3s export menu.

.sii file is a "definition" file for import your model to ATS/ETS2.
You can find any .sii files for front_grill from

Rename a shape1.sii and open the file in a texteditor. Edit the red texts.
If you using a truck mod , dont forget to replace scania.r to your mods id.
Yellow is your .pmd path.

accessory_addon_data : shape1.scania.r.f_gril
name: "Twister"
price: 5220
unlock: 8
icon: "f_grill_01"
exterior_model: "/vehicle/truck/upgrade/frontgrill/scania_rcab_2009/frontgrill_01.pmd""

I apologize to I`m not good at English, but I hope you will done your task.
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