Assign material to an object or polygons

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Assign material to an object or polygons

Postby Oleg » Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:46 am

Assign material to an object or polygons.
ZModeler3 allows you to assign material interactively with more control than you had in ZModeler2. You don't longer have "Assign to selection" button in materials browser, but the overal assignment idea is still the same: you have to select objects or polygons first. When you do, a left-side of materials browser will show current selection's set of assigned materials in Scene selection branch:


On the image above I've selected objects in scene, they use two materials "sidewalk" and "kerb_tile". Once I click on any of material names listed in "Scene selection" branch, according material is selected in materials samples list on the right.

In order to assign desired material to selected objects (or polygons), you should drag and drop desired material onto "Scene selection" branch. Desired material will be assigned instead of all materials listed there. If you wish to assign certain material instead of only one material listed there, drop onto that material name. For example, to replace "sidewalk" material assignment with "asphalt", I drag and drop "asphalt" tile onto "sidewalk" entry in "Scene selection":


The image below shows that "Scene selection" has changed and it shows assignment of "asphalt" material now, as well as 3D viewport renders asphalt instead of sidewalk bricks material now:


Materials assignment can be undone like the rest of other actions with Edit -> Undo.

Note, you can assign polygons material in their properties:

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