ZModeler revoked license time consuming

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ZModeler revoked license time consuming

Postby maybach123 » Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:56 pm

If i revoke my license will it continue to consume my time limit? i wont have access to my computer for a while and would like to prevent my license from expiring.
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Re: ZModeler revoked license time consuming

Postby Oleg » Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:14 am

When you revoke license, it is not put on hold: you will see an icon with exclamation sign on license in account. Your zmodeler should be configured for online-validation and once you start ZModeler, it will confirm revocation by removing license key from software. In such a case, license will actually be put on hold and you will see no exclamation icon on it in account.

I've put your license on hold manually, as I see your platform ID has not accessed license server for a long time.

License revocation should not be considered as a pausing method, it is designed solely for transferring license from old platform ID onto new platform ID (e.g. after hardware upgrade), even thought it could be used for pausing as described above.

Note, if you run ZModeler with license key that was earlier revoked and confirmed by ZModeler as revoked as shown above, your entire license will get banned because of cheating, keep this in mind when pausing ZModeler license this way. You should remove ZModeler copy and download a fresh copy when you wish to run ZModeler next time to prevent problems: you will be able to activate it with your new license key. You can backup "ZModeler3_profile.xml" file to retain your preferences and settings.
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