Vertification keeps failing

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Vertification keeps failing

Postby Murrchachosa » Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:36 pm

So I bought a license and wanted to submit it on my PC.
However, there is nos way to succeed in vertification or anything at all but failing.
It did have the trail key but that is already expired and bought a new key.
And I removed the Code.lib in folder Shared and updated it but it still fails.

I downloaded a fresh copy of ZM3 and it won't log me in after trying to log in in Zmodeler3-About-Account setup.
And when logging in on and I want to select the newly bought license, there won't be any license key shown so I won't be able to copy+paste.
Kinda difficult with all this ideas.

After many hours I finally fixed. However, it is kinda frustrating to validate it everytime I open Zmdoeler3...
And that "Allow this platform to login and validate license." just won't work.
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Re: Vertification keeps failing

Postby Oleg » Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:29 am

it should work fine with automatic online validation. enable "allow this platform to login:" and specify a password (e.g. 123456) and press Submit.

Start ZModeler, specify your account name on About page and platform password (123456). Press Ok and restart.

After restart, ZModeler will re-validate your license automatically - it will popup an "About" window - just switch to :"License Information" page and make sure you see it validating your license; then press Esc to close (or press Ok, it doesn't matter) and you can go on with file\open or file\import.
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