Trial license won't activate. SHIFT lifeless

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Trial license won't activate. SHIFT lifeless

Postby T3mas1 » Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:21 am

I have got two questions.

This is the first: My friends has got problem, and he even cannot login on FORUM, so I have to write his problem myself here. He require it after me.
He just registred into Zmodeler community and he wanted to use trial license. I helped him but finally we stopped on one step, which is the SHIFT KEY ACTIVATE. When we will copy it into Zmodeler and we will click on SHIFT nothing will happend. That is the hole problem. His ID is RHP87-L3

And also I have got problem too:
I have one big question. Where can I BUY the license?? Are you serius, this is the most un-synoptic system what I have seen in all my live! Or simply the tab with buy license does not work for me.

Maybe I seem to be nasty, but I normally have no time and now I wasted a lot of it for no-result.
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Re: Trial license won't activate. SHIFT lifeless

Postby Oleg » Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:25 am


In most of cases, inactivity to pressed "Shift" key is a result of wrong platform ID used in account. A misspell in one symbol of ID will make license key not matching ZModeler needs (and nothing will happen when Shift is held). Also, it is recommended to paste license key into any text document to ensure it was copied fully and properly.

A good alternative to old-fashion "Shift" method (it comes from old ages of ZModeler2) is using an automatic on-line method. You can enable it by assigning a password for platform in account and using this password in ZModeler together with account name specified on "Account Setup" page. In such a case, ZModeler will do everything on its own by downloading and validating license key. Of cause some license (trial or any other) should be activated in account for this Platform ID.

Concerning your own question, the "Buy license" page should allow scrolling of text. You should scroll down the terms and conditions and tick "I agree terms and conditions" option. Once you do this, you will have a selection of licenses to purchase and a "Buy now" button.

It might not work properly on touch-screen devices, as I haven't tested it on such a devices.
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