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ZModeler3 online validation

Postby Oleg » Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:58 pm

ZModeler can validate license online.

1. In order to allow your computer perform automatic license validation, login to your account, pick your platform in a list on "My Computers" page. Enable option Allow this platform to login and specify platform password there. Then press Submit.


From this moment on, your platform is allowed to access account and download/validate license automatically. However, you still have to setup online validation in ZModeler.

2. In ZModeler's "About" window on Account Setup page you should specify account name and this platform password.


3. Press Ok and restart ZModeler.

4. Activate license in account (if it's not activated yet).

5. Open "About" window of ZModeler and switch to "License Information" page. If you had no license key yet, ZModeler will download license key. Then you will see verification steps as "Verification: checking online...":


...and it will change to "Verification: passed today" or "Verification: Revalidate in ... days" (both are correct).


If you see a Verification : Failed or Verification : Passed ... days ago in ZModeler, your verification has elapsed and was not refreshed online. Make sure your specified proper account and platform password. Also, it's a must to assign password in platform options and press "Submit" there. If still no luck, disable online validation by removing account information on Account Setup page and use regular "offline" method with "Validate" button in account and "Copy + Shift method" as shown in "Trial license application guide".
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