"Warning, Cheating detected" error

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"Warning, Cheating detected" error

Postby boogyjah » Sun Feb 18, 2018 6:36 pm

went to purchase 30 day use of zmod on the 18th feb New Zealand day, but internet went went down. so today the 19th feb i went to buy the 30 day use and after purchasing it it comes up warning cheating dected. ive payed for every zmod ive used. never cheated or tried to. didnt buy yesterday but brought today.

any one a fix?

cheers team
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Re: "Warning, Cheating detected" error

Postby Oleg » Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:39 am

You have started ZModeler with old license key after new license key was already activated. In such a case, license server lets ZModeler change license key, but it might happen ZModeler fails to install new license key. After 5 attempts to validate old (expired) license key, your platform is flagged with this warning message. It is set as platform title, so you can clear it in your web account.

To prevent this from happen again, it is recommended to remove both CodeLib file(s) from "Shared" folder when license expires; then start ZModeler to let it download updates (it will download empty license storage file), so it will be ready to install and accept new license on next start.
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