unreasonable ( out of memory ) error

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unreasonable ( out of memory ) error

Postby amq_studio » Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:56 pm


I have the following PC

i7 6700
1080 gtx
64 ram
not sure what elese would you need, but in general it is a powerfull PC.

My Question:
Can I fix the issue of ( out of memory ) in Z modeler 3? I used objects with large size ( and large physical sizes ) such as large cities with tall towers, but the software sometime gives me error of memory with objects smaller physically and in size as well such as streets -- how come? and what to do?
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Re: unreasonable ( out of memory ) error

Postby Oleg » Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:25 am

open task manager and inspect memory usage of zmodeler3.exe process in stages:

1. start application (something like 80-100Mb of usage is Ok here)
2. open your .z3d file (or import the model you have a problem with)

at this point, memory usage should not exceed 800-900Mb, as File\Export or File'\Save routines will need to prepare data to be saved again and requires about the same memory usage as the currently being used by your scene, having ~1700Mb as a top for 32-bit application.

Also, you can reduce Undo\Redo steps size down to 3 or 5, as undo sometimes consumes a lot of memory too.
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