license denies actions

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license denies actions

Postby thebest07111 » Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:58 am


for some reason i cant putt a topic in account and licenses so i putt it here

I disabled my antivirus software completely and excluded zmodeler3 also
i have a 14 day trail account that is activated.
i have codelib.dynamic and codelib.zmx in my shared folder.

but for some reason when i try to import an gta v car model it says youre license denies this action

can someone help me?
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Re: license denies actions

Postby Oleg » Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:04 am

license denies = license not installed properly. you should delete both codeLib files, start ZM as administrator and let it autoupate (it will download CodeLib.zmx file). Then restart and let it perform online validation - it should be able to download your license and a validation for it - do not use "Shift" method. Once it does show you "Verification: revalidate in 6 days", license is installed. From that moment on you should get "CodeLib.dynamic" file too. You can close ZModeler and start it again. An about window will pop up on startup - switch to "License Information" window. Your license key should be already there and online validation should be performing. Once it passes, close About window and you can go on with File\Import or File\Open.
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