3D Modeller wanted

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3D Modeller wanted

Postby DanielSmith » Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:45 am

Hi all

For the past 3/4 years I have been working on a Mod for Mafia (PC) game.

I am now looking for a 3D artist to model (Low poly) and preferably texture vehicles for the mod. (If need be I can texture vehicles myself).

I am looking for someone with experience working with Zmodeler 1.07b, or any other program that can export models to Zmodeler. All vehicle models are from the 40s/50s/60s era.

This is a non-paid position, however you will of course be credited for your work. The mod will also serve as a showcase of your capabilities as a modeller. There are plans for a youtube series of mod game-play as well, so your work will be well advertised ;)

Here is a short description of the progress already completed as well as what I require:

i) The gameplay revolves around racing and driving classic cars, mainly from the 50s.

ii) The game is set in a fictional 50s US City. Players are free to explore the entire city.

iii) The main focus of the game is on the classic vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, 3-wheelers, buses etc). Players can collect these vehicles by either stealing or buying them and storing them in a garage. Gunplay and melee mechanics are also implemented.

iv) The game is not period specific and some cars may be omitted/included purely for the feel of the game. The game gives a feeling of post war frugality. Cars are to look generally like base models, however a brief will be provided on each model individually before modelling it. I will provide blueprints for each model as well as reference images.

v) Minimum Hardware: The mod is very low on requirements, specifically so that anyone can play it.

vi) Audio: All audio is pretty much complete. Dialog, Sound effects and Music are already completed. I also have a library of engine sounds for the vehicles themselves. I will be responsible for working on the vehicle sounds.

vii) I will also be responsible for the individual physics for each vehicle. I have already worked extensively on this and I am at an advanced stage. Physics have been tested and work 100%.

Anyone interested please reply. I usually work via Facebook (closed group) or via email.

P.S - If I do not answer and messages right away please be patient, I will get back to you.

Hope to hear from someone with a love for modelling and classic cars
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