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Couple of problems

PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:41 pm
by GT_King
HI, I have problems with Zmodeler v1.07b on Windows 7 64-bit. It runs really slow. When cursor is hovered over an object in objects' view, it should get highlighted in blue almost instantly, but it takes about 10-15 seconds for Zmodeler to respond to any of my inputs. :? I've got selected 'Direct3D, T&L HAL' . Just to test, I ran Windows 7 in safe mode and then the only available option was RGB Emulation, where it worked much smother and faster.
Why so? I have NVIDIA GeForce 210 Graphics card and it runs everything (games and all such stuff) smoothly except Zmodeler. :shock:

2nd problem: The .pkg filter (for Midtown Madness 2) does not export .mtx files correctly. When I export a trailer from Zmodeler, its wheels are half submerged into the ground and it is highly un-stable because its wheels keep trying to get on the ground which makes the trailer bounce crazily. Also, the all the breakable objects appear on a single point, on the origin of 3 axes. I re-placed the .mtx files my Zmodeler generated with the ones from an add-on truck and the wheels of trailer became stable. Could there be any solution? :roll:

Re: Couple of problems

PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:11 pm
by Oleg

Unfortunally, ZModeler1 and ZModeler2 products are no longer supported and I can't provide any fixes or solutions for your cases.
Concerning the first case, you can try change application settings in windows by specifying compatibility modes for XP or windows 98 or like this.

Re: Couple of problems

PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:47 am
by Guest
Ah! :o Thanks for the reply anyway.

Re: Couple of problems

PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:18 am
by Richard

I was completely in limbo about compatibility with software on OS's.

I thought playing Mafia would be possible on future Windows without problem, but compatibility mode is no guarantee the software will work the way it is suppose to :o

I've saved all my projects in Zanoza 2, Mafia doesn't work on Windows 8 least I have read this.

But San Andreas and may be VC work fine, especially San An.